Empowering Survivors

BRAIN INJURY SPOKANE - Empowering Survivors

Connecting the world one survivor at a time


Brain Injury Support Groups Evening Network of 413 groups globally

1st and 3rd Wednesdays at 6:30PM to 8:15ish

Spokane Valley Hospital Rockwood Health Systems (held in the Educational Center the door is to the right of the emergency room entrance 100 feet away

Spokane County city of Spokane valley Brain Injury Group

Spokane City Brain Injury Groups (St Lukes Rehab) room 200

2nd and 4th Wednesdays 6:30 to 8ish

TBI Network Support Groups 2nd and 4th Wendnesdays 630PM

Brain Injury Self Development Services

230 to 4PM Tuesday and Thrusday  Spokane Falls Community College (enrollment is free but must enroll)


Fall Quarter – September – December – Find your Greatness

Winter Quarter – January to March     – Moving On/Moving In

Spring Quarter – March to June           – Can You Hear Me now

Once enrolled in this program, and if you are on a pathway to a type of employment or education through DVR, Mental Health, DDD you can be assisted in supportive employment or education to help acheive your dreams

as well as companion classes available, computer training, behavioral Management, cognitive rehab self paced, sign language, creative writing, leadership course, healthy eating and much much more.


Health and Fitness Groups Network of 16 groups

Fall – Arobex, Yoga and weight training Available Mondays and Thrusdays

Winter – Ski and Snowboard, Arobex and more

Spring/summer Basketball, and Hoopfest, bowling and jogging and runners training for blooms day

All New for those who qualify Special Olympics

we will be starting off with 2 sports basketball and bowling and thinking about softball if we get enough interest.


Education and Intergration

Heads Up Concussion Training

Fundamentals of Brain Injury

Brain Injury for Toastmasters

Depression don’t let it get you Down

Brain Injury Self Development Camp

Conflict Resolution

Moving On

Project Feed Spokane

fall and winter we take 200 to 300 hundred people to a hockey game 2 games each year

spring and summer 150 to 200 to baseball games 2 games each year

we do around a dozen plus other social type settings into the community allowing community integration with not just people of disability but the what people call typical people

New Mid Fall 2014 Eastern Washington’s first Disability Art Festival showing all the creative minds in our disability communities.


Disability Advocacy – Stand up Speak out network of 116 groups

2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month call for details

Down Town Afternoon groups 4 to 6

Valley Night Groups 6:30 to 8:30

Advocacy and Puzzle clubs available everywhere start your club today

other Eastern Washington Groups include, Collville, Chewelah, Kettlefalls, Postfalls, Wenatchee, Ellensburg, Yakima, clarkston, Pullman, Tricities, Spokane, City of Spokane Valley Cheney.


Student First clubs Network of 21 clubs

14-18 and 18 – 21 are available in Spokane, Kootenai, Stevens, King and Peirce Counties if your school does not have this proven club ask your principle or superintendent how to start a student first group

504 and IEP Development and Follow Through

Study Buddy Program

Youth Leadership Camp

National Youth Leadership Opportunities

Youth Leadership Development

Special Olympics

Unified Inclusive actvities

Employment Opportunities

Project Green

Able Green Geeks

Disability Games

Disability ID

Volunteer Opportunities

4PEER11 (peer to peer support)


Brain Injury Radio

Brain Injury Global Picnic

Puzzle Club Support

Radio and Media Support

Fund Raising Project

and much more